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Our Roses are cut fresh seven days a week, they are then graded and bunched by our expert staff. We offer the most beautiful cut roses for every occasion in a range of diverse colours, shapes and sizes. Our range is of premium quality offering extended vase life and superior freshness.

Wholesale Flowers Wholesale RosesWe store the flowers in our coolrooms at 2 degrees ensuring freshness, the water has a cut flower preservative to ensure freshness, your orders are delivered in refrigerated vans and trucks in the same water straight from our coolrooms.

We continually test our varieties for vase life in varying conditions to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Our sales team are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have, regarding our cut roses, wedding flowers, or delivery procedures.

Our company ethos is "if it is not good enough for us to take home, it is not good enough to sell to our customers."

We always try to deliver overnight to avoid the heat of the day.

If you are a florist or flower retailer and wish to purchase premium roses or wedding flowers from Boon Roses, please contact us today.

Our growing methods using all of the latest technologies and trends within the industry ensure you have a clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly product. We have eliminated the use of harsh chemicals whilst growing our roses, thus leaving no residues on the leaves, this has in fact given us a longer vase life.

For more information on our range of wedding flowers or to find out how we preserve cut roses, please browse our pages.

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