What We Do

We grow and cut flowers for the retail and wholesale trade. Currently with a range of 52 rose varieties, we are constantly trialling new roses and colours in our glasshouses, looking for such characteristics as vase life, flower shape, size, colour, resistance to disease, production and transportability.

Our Team
The senior level management team consists of 4 brothers who between them have amassed over 140 years of experience in the cut flower growing and selling field. Having been founding partners with their parents, of the company 35 years ago.
Middle management is in the process of change with sons and daughters taking up roles within the business in various areas, each of this generation have been studying various topics from growing roses and cut flowers to business management and bookkeeping. Whilst each is also conversant with the roles others perform, this enables each to cover for each other when needed.
Our Aims

We aim to produce quality fresh flowers with a good vase life, whilst giving customer satisfaction and prompt service.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality fresh flowers all year round.

Deliver a value product to our customers.

Minimising our environmental impact by using industry best practice standards.

Have a strong competitive business for future generations.

Company History

A small family company was born in the early 1970's. This company grew a variety of cut flowers mainly out in the open fields of Officer, Victoria Australia.

The partnership was formed between the parents and four of their sons. The original name was C & A Boon & Sons. As a small family business and being all related we were able to work well together. Apart from doing horticultural courses and a variety of other short self-improvement courses we were mainly self-taught in the art of growing, using resources such as trade magazines and suppliers information on various products. A lot of learning came from trial and error and more importantly experience.

As the company grew with the demand of the cut flower industry in Melbourne glasshouses were built and rose production started in earnest, the first glasshouse roses were planted in the soil with a basic heating system running on heating oil, irrigation was with sprinkler lines running below the rose bushes, crop protection was performed with a backpack sprayer, the cut flowers were graded into lengths manually and bunched by hand.

These days the glasshouses are all automatic and controlled by horticultural computers. The crop is grown in a hydroponic system, using coconut fibre as a growing medium. Pest control is done with an Integrated Pest Management Program.